Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Budget Friendly Candles

Everyone loves candles, don't they? I've been a dedicated Yankee Candle fan for several years now but recently started looking into cheaper alternatives (including some great options at Primark, believe it or not). What I really look for in a candle is a scent which will fill the room and a good burn time. I prefer candles which come in glass jars as I like how these look when the flame is flickering. This post includes some of the more budget friendly candles I've got my eye on. These would make great Christmas presents if you're feeling like sharing the candle-love.

Lily-Flame in Wild Jasmine

I have it on good authority that these candles are pretty great. Midnight Jasmine is one of my all time favourite Yankee scents so I'm keen to try something similar from another brand.

Shearer Candle in Amber Noir

This is one of Shearer's best selling candles - they describe it as a heady, warm scent which is right up my street. 

Shearer Candle in Orange & Cinnamon

This is slightly more expensive than the tin candles from this brand (it's still only £7.20 though) but the scent is orange and cinnamon; who can say no to that?!

Made in England in Red Cherries

Okay, so the packaging on this isn't as beautiful as I'd like but it has a burn time of 65 hours and only costs £8.99. I'm keen to see how it compares with Yankee Black Cherry which is one of my favourites.

Country Candle in Moroccan Blush Rose

How pretty is this packaging? I think this would be a lovely bedroom candle in the spring/summer time. It's only £5.20 too!

All images and links are from Casa Candles - this isn't a sponsored post, they just have the best prices I've seen for most of these candles. Let me know if you'd like a review of their service when I place an order (note that I've said 'when' rather than 'if'!)

What is your favourite purse-friendly candle brand?

Stace xx


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  2. Great picks! I've just been getting into candles so this post has introduced me to some brands I hadn't heard of before. I agree that burn time and how a candle's scent fills the room are two of the things I look out for in a candle as well :)