Friday, 12 August 2011

MUA Professional Heaven & Earth Vs. Urban Decay Naked Palette

Before going on my no-buy, I ordered this from Superdrug online. I quite like the quality of the regular MUA eyeshadows so was excited to hear they were coming out with palettes in their new Professional line. I can't find the range anywhere in stores at the moment and Superdrug had a free delivery offer on all orders so I decided to pick this up. I've read quite a few rave reviews of this particular palette, the neutral toned Heaven & Earth palette. 

I like the colours, they're very typical of the sorts of shades I gravitate towards. I've done some swatches:

Quality-wise, these shadows are creamy and pigmented. I think it's a total bargain for £4 and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it.

However, lots of people have been saying it's a 'dupe' for the Urban Decay Naked Palette since they both contain twelve neutral shadows. I decided to have a play and compare the two. 

In all honesty, I don't think these two palettes are dupes at all. I tried swatching several of the shades together and aside from the two light, champagne shades from the MUA palette which are similar to Urban Decay's Virgin, I couldn't find any other shades which were exactly the same. There are also no shades which are even similar to Creep and Gunmetal. I think the textures are quite different too - the Urban Decay shadows are more silky than the MUA shadows and I prefer this texture to the creaminess of the MUA shadows.

I think if you already have the Naked palette then you don't really *need* the Heaven & Earth palette but since it's only £4, it won't break the bank to have both. If you're considering buying the Naked palette but it's not in your budget right now, the MUA palette is a nice and more budget-friendly alternative which will save you £31. If you desperately want the Naked palette, I'd tell you to save your £4 and put it towards the Urban Decay palette.

Do you own either of these? Do you own both? How do you think they compare?

Stace xx


  1. I Like your blog very much! =)

    I intend to buy the MUA palette since I'm going to be in Glasgow for a day and a half, hope to find it in Superdrug...

    The naked palette looks amazing but its too expensive ;)

    I'm also thinking about buying the starry night palette, some lipsticks, maybe a couple eyedusts, the primer and a foundation.

    We don't have MUA in my country, that's why its a long wish list ;)

    do you have some of these? What do you recommend in MUA products?


  2. Hello! I bought this online as I couldn't find the pro range in Glasgow at the time. I've stil not zeen it in stores. I like the eyeshadows from this brand and the clear mascara (for brow gel) but I'm not a fan of the lipsticks and glosses or nail polishes. As I said, I've not tried anything else from the Pro range so there may be something else I like that I've just not tried yet!xx