Friday, 26 August 2011

Shoe Tidying!

Neatly organised shoes :)

The before shot!

Since we moved to our new flat, I've been storing my shoes in our 'cupboard' which is basically a tiny little room with lots of shelves and a big desk area where the boyfriend keeps his stupidly huge computer. It' had become pretty messy in there because Dave's been there all the time and he keeps throwing my shoes off their shelves to make more room for himself! I decided to sort through them today and managed to get rid of eight pairs and will be EBaying/donating another eight pairs. I've noticed that I rarely wear shoes which aren't tan/brown or black so I'm going to try and stick to buying only those colours in the future unless I see a pair of  nice colourful ones I think I will wear.

I've got a few gaps in my shoe collection just now. I want some flat black boots, new black court shoes and possibly some dark plum coloured heels just for a wee change.

I tend to buy cheaper shoes and pay a bit more for boots. I find that most flats with thin soles will fall apart in the same amount of time, regardless of where they're from so I buy most, if not all, of mine from Primark. 

What's your shoe collection like?

Stace xx


  1. Love this post! I dotn have space for a shoe rack but I dream of a walk in wardrobe! x

  2. I used to have a walk in wardrobe - I'd love to use this storage cupboard as one but unfortunately the bf's ginormous computer and all our boxes/suitcases and junk need somewhere to go too :( I've just finished organising my wardrobe - I had a clothes rail in the cupboard where the shoes are now but bf kept complaining about it so I've reluctantly moved it to the bedroom. It's for the best though because our wardrobe is too short for most of my dresses so now they can hang free on the tall rail!xx