Friday, 2 September 2011

Sleek Nude Collection Blush in Suede

Sleek - Suede

I wasn't keen on the Nude palette and Sleek Pout Polishes taste horrible to me so I didn't think I'd be overly into this collection (despite being a die-hard neutrals lover). When I first saw photos of Suede I thought to myself 'that's a lovely colour but I bet it's ridiculously pigmented so would be a pain to use'. However, I read and watched the reviews on this collection and the general consensus seemed to be that this blush is different from the previous blushes Sleek has released in its collections. This made me want to give it a go. 

I should point out that I've owned Sleek blushes in Scandalous, Aruba and Santorini but couldn't get on with them as I found I needed such a light hand to avoid looking like a clown. For reference, my skin is around NC30. I think those blushes are great value for money and brilliant colours considering Sleek is a drugstore brand but I think they're best suited for women with very dark skin or for someone who doesn't mind spending ages applying their blush. I've tried Rose Gold and Pomegranate too; I didn't get on too well with those either because they're too shimmery for me.

Me, hard to please? Never!

To cut a long story short, I picked up Suede yesterday and I can safely say it's the best Sleek blush I've ever tried. The colour is perfect for my skin tone (but it would look equally as good on pale skinned girls, I think) and it's got just the right amount of pigmentation. I can apply this easily with my MAC 168 and I didn't worry about looking like a clown. I've been wearing it all day and I've found the staying power to be about average - it lasts longer than my MAC Mineralize blushes and around the same length of time as other satin and matte finish blushes I own. The colour goes with lots of different make up looks as it just seems to warm up my face with a nice peach-brown tint.

My only gripe with Sleek blushes now is that their compacts are a pain to open...I chipped a nail because of it this morning...grr!!

If you get the chance to pick this up, you should!

Stace xx

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