Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Weekly Make Up Challenge #2 - Lip Gloss - My Thoughts

This past week I've been wearing a different one of my favourite lip glosses each day. When it comes to gloss I prefer something with a little bit of colour but nothing with lots of pigmentation because I find it ends up all over my face. I'm not a huge fan of very sticky glosses but don't like it if they're very watery either. I realised that I've not been wearing gloss much over the past few months and since it's one of the products that goes off a bit more quickly, I want to get back into using them more often. Here's what I've been wearing:

L-R: NYX, 2true, E.L.F., No7., Estee Lauder

Monday - NYX Mega Shine in Beige - $3.99 (Cherry Culture) or £7 (Love Make Up) for 11ml

I really like these glosses. I have another in Smokey Look and want to get my hands on Natural and Tea Rose at some point! You get so much product for your money. I think Love Make Up keeps pushing up the price of these; I'm pretty sure a month ago they were £4.99. This smells like cherries so may not be for everyone but it doesn't bother me. The wand is pretty big so I find you only need one swipe per use. This shade has no shimmer, which I like and is pretty pigmented. This isn't sticky but does last a good three to four hours on my lips (without eating or drinking).

Tuesday - 2true in Shade 1 - £1.99 

I've had this one for a while. I picked it up along with a two other 2true products because of the 3 for £4.99 deal on 2true in Superdrug. This is a pretty colour on me - it's a nice dusty rose sort of shade. I like the smell - it's a coconut scent. This one is probably the stickiest gloss I'm trying this week so it lasts a bit longer on me. I'd say I get a good five hours out of this. The main issue I have with it is that only a very small amount of product comes out on the wand so I need to dip it back in quite a few times to get enough gloss out.

Wednesday - E.L.F. Mineral in Bare - £3 for 6.5ml

I like this gloss. It's a nice neutral shade and really suits me. It's sticky but not too sticky and the pigmentation is good enough to wear it alone. It looks like a really teeny tube but you actually get more product in this than the Estee Lauder one I used (see below!). Again I found I needed to dip the wand in several times to get enough product out.

Thursday - Poppy King for No 7 in Allure - £11

I think this is a bit expensive sounding for what it is - a drugstore lipgloss. BUT I really like this. The colour is lovely on my olive-ish skin and it lasts pretty well too. It's very creamy feeling and not sticky at all. 

Friday - Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Electric Cherry - £16 for 6ml

Okay so this is pretty pricey for a gloss but I really like it. It's not sticky at all, which means you do need to reapply quite a lot. Also, the name 'pure colour' is a bit deceptive as this is pretty sheer. It smells pretty strongly of marzipan or something like that. This only lasts an hour or so on me. It's good for topping off red lipsticks but I like it on it's own too. So, not the best value for money but still a decent gloss in my book.

I didn't wear anything other than lip balm over the weekend so only managed five this week! 


I don't have any hits or misses as such because I like all of these glosses. The NYX is definitely the best value for money if you can get it in the US. The Estee Lauder is a nice gloss for a treat. 

Do you own any of these? What do you think?

Stace xx

PS - I'm sorry I don't have more photos - my "lovely" boyfriend spilt coke all over my laptop and now I'm using his which has some weird operating system which I can't figure out how to rotate photos on...EEP! 


  1. Great colors! I've been wanting to try some new glosses...I think I might try that Allure one!

  2. You should! I'm wearing it today :)