Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thoughts on MAC Sized To Go Collection

So cute, right?

I was excited to hear that MAC were bringing out mini versions of their best selling skincare products. I travel home and if I fly, I can't bring full sized products if I only bring hand luggage and I thought it would also be a good way of trying some of the products without committing to the full size version. 

Here's a list of the products and prices:

Pro Eye Make Up Remover, 30ml - £7
Cleanse Off Oil, 30ml - £7
Cleanse Off Oil, Tranquil, 30ml - £8
Fix+, 30ml - £7
Studio Moisture Cream, 30ml - £12
Strobe Cream, 30ml - £12
Green Gel Cleanser, 30ml - £7
Oil Control Lotion, 30ml - £12
Demi Wipes, 30 wipes - £10

Of these, I was most keen to get my hands on the mini Fix+ as I already love this product and would love to have a mini size to put in my handbag on nights out. I was also interested in trying the Cleanse Off Oil and Strobe Cream minis. However, I've been put off by the prices. I know that minis of skincare from most other brands tend to be less value for money but I think £7 for 30ml of Fix+ is a bit steep! The full size, which is 100ml, is only £12.50. The Cleanse Off Oil mini is even less value for money considering the full size, which is 150ml is £16. The Strobe Cream fairs better when it comes to price as the full size of 50ml is £21.50; I wouldn't mind paying £12 for 30ml as that's still a pretty good size as you only use a little each time. 

As for the other products in the collection, you could get 100 MAC wipes for just £9 more than the travel size or five times as much Green Gel Cleanser for £7.50 more. The lotions seem to be better value so I| might give a couple of those a try. I'll be passing on everything else!

What do you think of the prices? Will you be getting any of the travel sized products for your summer holiday?

Stace xx

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