Monday, 1 August 2011

Beauty Buying Ban! Day 1

I've decided to ban myself from buying any make up for myself for the month of August. I know that might not sound like a very long time but recently we moved next to a Superdrug so I've been popping in there far too much. Also, I've been addicted to blog sales and buying online which is rubbish because I think I'm not really spending anything because I'm not handing over my card and typing in my pin. 

I've tried Project 10 Pan so many times and always failed because I'm rubbish at finishing products under pressure! I might see if I can keep track of what I manage to use up over the month.

Today I've been going through my stash and picking out some more things to go up for swap (I'm hoping the fact I'll still be swapping will put me off buying anything) so there should be a post up soon about the things I've rediscovered. 

I've also put a lot of new things I've bought or swapped for recently into a separate bag and plan on trying out one or two of those items as I go along. It'll be like shopping...only in my bedroom. 

Wish me luck! I'll need it.

Have you ever done P10P or gone on a No Buy? Let me know how you did!

Stace xx

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  1. I tried Project 10 Pan SEVERAL times before I realised I'm just not good at it!!! :D what I try to do now, is to keep track of every product I finish and every once in a while go through my stash and choose some products to finish... and use them on a regular basis, without too much stress about not buying... in any case I'm into DS european brands like Essence, which are totally reasonable when it comes to prices... and this makes me feel a bit less guilty when I spot something I really want!!!