Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beauty Buying Ban - Day 28 - Weekly Wishing - LUSH

I've not been into a LUSH store in forever...I can't go in there and just buy one thing, the sales assistants always tell me if I spend a certain amount I'll get free things (which I probably don't need) or they try out new products on me and I feel bad for not buying them.

There are a few things from LUSH which I'm hoping to pick up in the near future, though:

Porridge Soap - £2.95 for 100g
I love the smell of this! I always want all the Lush soaps but find some of them very drying; this one is nice and moisturising.

You've Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt - £2.85
I've never tried this before so want to give it a whirl!

The Comforter Bubble Bar - £3.99 for 200g
I've never tried this either but I've heard lots of good things so I want to try it. I've been having baths much more since I moved to my new flat. I was living with four other girls last year so I showered all the time but now I just live with my boyfriend so there's no queue for the bathroom!

I also need to pick up another shampoo bar as they've been working really well for me. I'm not sure which one I'll go for just yet.

What are your favourite LUSH products?

Stace xx


  1. I really want to love Lush products (it smells sooo good when you walk in those shops) but their soaps make my skin itchy :/ I therefore haven't dared trying their shampoo or other skin care products. The only thing I keep buying from them is their cuticle butter Lemony Flutter.

  2. I have problems with most of their soaps unless they're very creamy (like Porridge!). The shampoo bars are very good for sensitive scalps - I've got a hair care overview coming up and I'll be talking about them in that so watch this space! Their Charity Pot moisturiser is also amazing and non-irritating.xx