Monday, 8 August 2011

My Top Five: Body Washes

These are in no particular order: I switch them up pretty often and sometimes try new shower gels. I've repurchased all of these. I don't really spend a lot of money on body wash because I think the cheaper ones are just as good. If I'm going to splurge, I'd buy some pricey bath oil instead!

***I couldn't find a photo...I would have drawn you a picture but I'm rubbish at that too***

Boots Extracts Brazil Nut Body Wash 
£4.19 for 200ml from Boots 
I love the smell of this. I think it smells more like caramel than brazil nuts but either way it makes me want to eat it! This makes my bathroom smell delicious and my skin always feels nice and clean but soft after using it. Its is more of a gel than a cream but still lathers really well and is moisturising enough for me right not but I'd want something creamier in the winter. These are usually available in a 3 for 2 offer or something similar. 

No7 Blissful Body Wash
£9.00 for 200ml from Boots
I always buy one of these when I have a £5 off No7 voucher so they only cost £4.00 when I buy them. I'm not sure if I would pay £9.00 unless I was feeling really flush. This is lovely and creamy. It is very moisturising and has a nice light scent which shouldn't be too offensive to anyone. There's not much more I can say about this one. I've went through quite a few of these! This is currently part of a 3 for 2 offer in Boots.

The Body Shop - Coconut Shower Cream
£4.00 for 250ml or £5.50 for 400ml from The Body Shop
This smells lovely and I like using it alongside the Coconut Body Butter. It's not as moisturising as the No7 and it doesn't smell as good as the Boots Extracts Brazil Nut but it is a nice balance of the two. 

N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Shower and Bath Gel
£3.00 for 500ml from Asda
This smells divine. It is definitely better as a shower gel than a bubble bath (I like a lot of bubbles!). It's great value for money too! I've recently purchased the Coconut Ice Cream version of this so I'll have to wait and see if it becomes a new favourite!

M&S Essential Extracts Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Shower Gel
£1 for 250ml
I love M&S shower gels! I've tried several of them and this is my favourite scent. You can't beat this on price really! I would say that it's not really moisturising at all but skin feels clean and lightly scented after showering. 

Have you tried any of these?

Stace xx

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