Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Overview: The Body Shop - Body Butters

I could quite happily use these, and only these, to moisturize my skin for the rest of my life. If you've not tried one yet - where have you been?! 

I have relatively normal skin which is a little sensitive. I sometimes have reactions to other body lotions and always need to moisturize well after shaving my legs. I used to hate the sticky feeling from using a body lotion after showering but if you apply a thin enough layer of these body butters, they sink in pretty quickly and as they're not slippery like a lotion, you only need a little. I love to use a thicker layer after a bath and just before bed. In summer I'll moisturize around two or three times a week whereas in the winter I try to moisturize every day.

50ml - £5.00
200ml - £12.50

I don't think I've ever paid full price for one though. The Body Shop always has great sales and offers so it's best to buy then! The last time I purchased any was back in June where I got four of them for a mere £11.70 thanks to a sale, a gift voucher and my discount card. Even at £12.50, they're still pretty good value for money, particularly if you buy one with a thicker consistency as you end up using very little each time.

I  currently own Blueberry, Papaya and two Brazil Nut butters. I have owned Brazil Nut once before and love the scent. I'll admit that it's not for everyone, though, as it's quite strong. It's for dry skin so I'm more likely to use it in the winter time when my skin needs more moisture. I have owned Blueberry before too and it is also for dry skin, however, the texture feels a little lighter than Brazil Nut. I've not used Papaya yet; it claims to be for normal skin but the texture actually feels more like the Brazil Nut.

I have tried and would repurchase Coconut, Shea Butter, Satsuma and Mango. 

I have tried and would not repurchase Wild Cherry (the texture was weird - like a Petit Filous), Sweet Lemon and Strawberry (the scent of these really put me off; it smelt very synthetic).

I would love to try Moringa and Buriti Baby (it smells lovely!) next.

Olive is one scent I will never be trying. Bleugh!

I hope this was useful and that you try some of these if you haven't already!

Stace xx

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