Saturday, 6 August 2011

Save or Splurge: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Now, I know I can't buy this at the moment anyway but there's been a bit of hype surrounding this in the US and I've just noticed it on the Debenhams website. It's got me thinking about whether I want it or not.

I passed on the 15th Anniversary 24/7 liner set because I thought I wouldn't use a lot of the colours very often. The palette, however, has a lot more neutrals. Do I need any more neutrals?!

Here's what Urban Decay says:

"It's Urban Decay's party, and they'll launch 15 NEW (as in never-before-seen) eyeshadow shades if they want to! With just the right balance of neutrals and brights, darks and lights, the 15-Year Anniversary Palette is both versatile and the ultimate UD junkie collection. Shades like Junkshow (a glittery bright pink), Evidence (a deep metallic blue) and Midnight 15 (an oyster pearl shade) mesmerize the eyes. The collectible gunmetal outer box features a luxe faceted jewel "UD" on the cover and an eye-grabbing laser-cut filigree design on the sides. Inside, the shadow tray pulls out to reveal a velvet-lined compartment that can be used to stash jewelry or personal mementos."

I really like the look of Vanilla and Deeper as well as the green shade, Deep End. 

Is it worth £39, though? I agree that it is great value for money considering that buying the shadows individually would cost almost £200. I'm not sure I'd use enough of the shades to make it worth it for me. Especially considering that I already have the Naked palette and several other neutral palettes from Sleek, Wet'n'Wild and now, MUA.

I think this is one for die-hard Urban Decay fans and make up collectors. It might also be popular with girls who're just getting into make up as it would give them plenty of shades to play with. It would make a great gift!

Are you going to be picking this up?

Stace xx

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