Friday, 23 September 2011

Haul: Primark Accessories

I realise not everyone is a Primark fan but I really like picking up some bits of jewellery from there. Quality wise it's not amazing but it's not any worse than some other high street stores which charge five times as much. I popped in yesterday for some plain v neck tops and added a few accessories to my basket so I thought I'd share!

Navy & Mustard Purse - £3

I've needed a new purse for a long time, my other one is falling apart! I've never owned a purse from Primark before and I've never seen one in there that I liked at all. This one caught my eye though because It's not made of that horrible shiny material and I thought the clasp was interesting looking. It's not the most practical on the inside but does have room for all my cards etc. I'll have to see how long this will last!

Bottle Green Long Necklace - £2.50

I love bottle green (it was the colour of my school uniform which I hated at the time...) so I picked this up. It's pretty long and I'm planning on wearing it with most things!

Blue Oval Stretch Ring - £2.50

I have this in yellow and wear it loads. I don't often go for the 'one size fits all' rings but these are super comfortable on my chubby fingers. The blue just caught my eye. They have the same ring in pink and possibly black, too.

Jade Locket Necklace - £2

I thought this was really sweet and a total bargain. It doesn't feel too flimsy and I thought it would look nice with a sheer blouse. 

I also bought the scarf in the background which was £3. I've got a thing for brown just now (brown and bottle green!) so I thought it would go well with a lot of the things I've been wearing lately.

Have you been shopping recently? 

Stace xx


  1. Ooooh Primark is usually a "must-go" place to visit whenever I'm in London :) I bought a really awesome jacket there last spring. It was dirt cheap (as always there) but is actually aging fairly well.

  2. Great haul, I like the purse. Primark is a funny place, sometimes full of rubbish but more and more often lately, some great finds.

  3. I love this stuff! Great post. Thanks for sharing! I have to say...I think the wallet is my fave too...that closure is awesome.

    ♥ Shia