Saturday, 22 October 2011

Boots Haul - Soap & Glory, Sanctuary, No7, Revlon & Essie

I got some coupons for extra points from Boots so went a bit mental. They have 3 for 2 on all skincare and bodycare and £5 off No7 products. I've not bought any bodycare products since the summer so I think I'm allowed...These were purchased in two separate purchases and I got almost £15 of Advantage Card points and saved over £20 which is pretty good in my opinion!

Soap & Glory

The Breakfast Scrub - Smells yummy! I'm not a fan of the scent of Flake Away anymore (I think I overdosed on it!) so I'm trying this instead.

Sit Tight - The best firming body cream ever! This stuff really works and I've not owned a tube in a while so I picked one up when on my mad rampage in Boots.

Pulp Friction - Okay, so I got another scrub! I've not been using scrubs recently for some reason. I used to be an exfoliating queen! This one smells much more fresh than the Breakfast Scrub and it lathers up so I can see myself using this in the mornings.

The Fab Pore Facial Peel - I've been wanting to try this for a while. I don't know why it's called a facial peel since it's not a peel off mask...


Moisturising Foot Lotion - this was my 'free' item. I was looking for a good foot cream so decided to try this.

5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask - I tried a sample of this (I posted about it recently - look out for the blue face!) and liked it so picked up the full size.


Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes - These are my absolute favourite face wipes, I'm sure I mentioned this before! They're too expensive for me at full price but for £2 with the voucher, they're a bargain!


Facets of Fuchsia Polish - I was sucked in by the hype! I've used this once and it took forever to dry so I ended up smudging it and taking it off straight away. I will try it again before giving up. Someone suggested using it for an accent nail over OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark so I might give that a go! 


Fill The Gap Base Coat - I've been looking for a good base coat for a while; both to help prevent staining and to make my polish go on more easily. So far, I'm really liking this. It leaves my nail feeling very even and a bit matte so polishes do go on more evenly. 

No more hauling allowed for a while now! 

Stace xx


  1. Great haul.

    I love taking advantage of promotions as well. :) x

  2. Fabulous haul! I have some advantage points built up too, which I am going to save for Christmas and I noticed some great 3 for 2 offers as well. I have not tried the Breakfast Scrub yet but it has been on my wish list for a while now.

  3. the fab pore mask is my fav ever..went through 2 already

    1. Gosh you've been reading a lot of my blog today! :) The Fab Pore has started to burn my skin for some reason!xx