Saturday, 17 December 2011

MAC Naturally Collection 2012

I've been really bored of MAC collections lately. I think the last two collections I was really bothered about were Cham Pale and Peacocky. Since then I've bought a few limited edition items from various collections which I do enjoy using but on the whole, I've not seen a collection which has a lot of things I'd want. Until now!

I think this is going to be a pretty popular collection since it's full of wearable, neutral shades and has repromoted popular MSFs. I'm not sure exactly when it will launch in the UK but I believe it should be sometime in January.

I can't wait until the collection launches so that I can check out swatches and decide exactly which products I want but at the moment my wish list includes...

Fresh Honey Mineralize Blush

Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish

The three lipsticks on the right - Beach Sand (Cremesheen), Sweet Sunrise (Lustre) and Pillow Talk (Cremesheen)

I tend to stay away from the lipglasses (I don't like the texture) and mineralize eyeshadows so that's why none of those are on my wish list. They do look lovely, though!

I heard about this collection and saw the promo photos on

Will you be picking up anything from this collection?

Stace xx


  1. No. WAY. They are repromoting Redhead?! I LOVE Redhead, I used to have a 10-strong MSF collection but sold them all but Redhead and By Candlelight. ZOMG.

  2. Yeah :) I've had quite a few and I keep selling them on/swapping them too. Currently the only one I have is Soft & Gentle...which isn't particularly special since it's always available but it works for me. I've always wanted to try By Candlelight. I think I have Petticoat lurking around but I never use it.xx

  3. I really want that pink lipstick on the left. Not really a fan of MSF, only have soft and gentle and it really doesn't work that well on me xx

  4. I cant wait for this collection to come out Id so love to try the 2 msf's blonde and redhead also subtle breeze blush which looks stunning and a perfect day lippy.Hope I can get my hands on a couple of these Items! :) xx