Thursday, 29 December 2011

Vichy Normaderm Micellar Solution

I tried a sample of a similar product from Bioderma a few months ago and loved it. It's a pain to track down in the UK, though, so I picked up this from Vichy. I've used almost half of the bottle now so I think it's about time I reviewed it.

Product: Vichy Normaderm Micellar Water

Price: £10.50 for 200ml from Boots


"Cleanses and purifies without rinsing, Vichy Normaderm Micellar Solution is 

also suitable for use on acne prone skin."

What's Good About It?

It's very quick and easy to use. I just use a cotton pad. It's not drying and it doesn't sting so I think this should work on most skin types. I don't like using water when cleansing as it tends to leave my skin feeling quite tight so this type of product is great for me. I like that it is much easier to find here in the UK.

What's Disappointing?

I find I have to use quite a lot of this to remove my make up so I don't think it's as cost effective as Bioderma. That's the only problem I've had with it so far.

Overall Score & Comment: 7/10 - it's a nice product but I think I'll be picking up the Bioderma version when I run out of this. If you're in the UK, this is a good way of trying a micellar solution without committing to a huge bottle of Bioderma (and tracking it down!)

Have you tried this product? Did you like it?

Stace xx


  1. I got the Bioderma one (in the pink bottle) from gurumakeup emporiam, their shop is only about 20-30mins drive from me so I went there a few weeks ago, i think you can also buy online from the,you may already know this though.

  2. I reviewed the Bioderma on my blog recently and I included a link to the UK ebay site I purchased from. Fab price and great service :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. Thanks girls! I've seen it on a few sites but the shipping cost was always astronomical which is probably what put me off!xx

  4. Never heard of it thanks so much for sharing