Friday, 6 January 2012

December Carmine Box


I've only just received my December box because the original one they sent went missing. I think there may have been a problem with my address because it was incorrect on the box I received this morning, despite me confirming it a few days ago. I received the previous two boxes with no problems so I'm not sure what happened. Also, shipping out boxes so close to Christmas was probably a mistake. Perhaps next year Carmine will ensure they have the boxes ready to go before the week before Christmas.

Just in case you missed the other posts about this box, here's what's inside:

Benito Brow Bar - Brow Threading
This is a voucher for a brow threading treatment. Personally, I'm happy with just plucking or waxing my brows at home so I won't be using this. It is a nice touch for anyone wanting to try brow threading but I wouldn't count this as one of the samples. Also, not everyone will have access to a Benito Brow Bar.

Japonesque - Smudger Brush
I liked the fact there was a brush in this box because I do really like brushes. I've never tried anything from Japonesque before despite hearing only good things about the brand. However, this thing is so small! It's like the sort of thing you'd get in a palette and throw away. I doubt I'll ever use this, unfortunately.

Weleda - Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash
This is a full sized body wash. I'm not a huge fan of the scent (it's a bit 'herbal') but I will use this. Everyone needs to shower, after all!

KMS California - Freeshape Quick Blow Dry
This is a little 30ml sample. It's supposed to take 50% off your blow drying time. I've recently been getting into doing more with my hair so I will be using this the next time I wash it and will let you all know if it actually works!

Institut Esthederm - Time Technology Cream
For the third month in a row Carmine have included a face cream in their box. Whilst I do like trying new skincare, something new every month makes it difficult to maintain a skincare routine. I'm annoyed that Carmine say this isn't an anti ageing moisturiser because I've looked it up on Feel Unique here and it's clearly described as an anti-ageing product! This may be another one for my mum.

My Face Cosmetics - Blingtone in Crystalline Green
I've not even opened this as I know I'll never wear it. The packaging looks cheap and the colour is definitely not for me. This is the only make up item in the box this time around.

Okay, so I'm sure you can tell that I'm unimpressed with this box. I am going to see what the January box is like before deciding whether or not to continue with this subscription. I was so excited about this company to begin with so it's a shame. 

Did you receive this box? What did you think?

Stace xx


  1. aw this box doesn't seem like it was very great :(
    but dont throw things away!!! there are people like me that would take your rejections, lol

  2. I agree Stace, not a great box :( Fingers crossed they redeem themselves in Jan. I felt like that with the Novomber Boudoir it was rubbish and then they redemmed themselves with the December Joliebox, but now we have been told there will be no Jan box!! :(



  3. @Cindy - I don't throw things away! I've posted the face cream to my mum and I've put the eyeshadow and brush up for swaps on MUA :)

    @Emma - that's a shame about Joliebox...maybe February's will be awesome?