Friday, 27 January 2012

Fashion Friday: My ASOS Wish List

 I made an ASOS order for the first time in forever last week - unfortunately one of the dresses I picked up was miles too big (and weirdly more of a 'midi' length despite looking 'above knee' in the photos) so it has to go back but I did get a nice tan clutch, pretty necklace and an oversized grey t-shirt made from super soft jersey. I've been browsing the website on a daily basis this week and here are some of my top picks:

Colour Block Bucket Bag - £35 (link)
I saw this in Grazia, actually! I wear a lot of neutral colours so I think this would be nice to add a teeny bit of colour in the spring.

Dress with Wrap Skirt - £25 (link)
I love dresses like these - I have a lot of plain black dresses or tunics that I wear with tights or leggings. I like the fact I can accessorize them in lots of different ways. The shape of this dress is also very flattering on me.

Knitted Dress with Zip Back - £15 (link)
This is in the Tobacco shade. They also sell it in Yellow, Black and Red but the latter two are £30 as opposed to £15. I like this colour because I can wear it with navy, black or brown. Again, it's simple so I can accessorize it however I like.
Ditsy Snake Knot Bracelet - £6 (link)
I don't own many bracelets because I keep losing them (or getting them caught on things and breaking them!). I think this is cute, though.

Cross Fine Bracelet - £6 (link)

Open Cross Necklace - £8.00 (link)

They're also selling some products from the NARS A/W and Holiday collections with a few pounds off so I may have to add some of those to the basket too!

Have you picked up anything on ASOS recently?

Stace xx

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