Thursday, 22 March 2012

Seche Vite Top Coat

I bought this around Christmas time because I could tell my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri was about to get too gloopy to use. I only paid around £6.50 for this on ASOS at the time as it was discounted. It's currently priced at £10.50 on the site (link) but I've spotted it for £7.75 on Beautybay (link). 

I wanted to wait a few months before reviewing this top coat because I remember reviewing the Insta Dri after a few weeks and then having to go back and change the review when it went gloopy so quickly. I've been using the Seche Vite since the new year and I am pleased with it. It does what I expect it to - dries my polish quickly and makes my manicure look super-shiny. I'm not sure if I'd say this prevents chipping but I didn't find the Sally Hansen to be particularly good for that either.

After almost three months I can happily report that this top coat is still usable. By this point with my Sally Hansen top coat, I'd probably be about to open a new bottle. 

Would I repurchase this over the Sally Hansen? 
Probably. I don't think I'd pay £10.50 for it but £7.75 seems pretty reasonable considering the Sally Hansen was £5.99.

What's your favourite top coat?

Stace xx


  1. I don't like this on my natural nails as I find it peels after 1 day but on my artificial nails its amazing!

    1. Ah I see! I've not had any problems with peeling, thankfully!xx

  2. i love this as well but laely ive been into my china glaze beacuse it drys very fast! horrible strong smell but like i said it dries fast sometimes i dont have all the time in the world..haha

    1. Don't all China Glaze polishes kind of stink!? Lol! I love their polishes - they wear amazingly. I've not tried their top coat.xx