Sunday, 1 April 2012

Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat

I've been meaning to review this for a long time now. It's without a doubt my favourite base coat. Ever.

I never really understood the purpose of a base coat other than to prevent staining so I used to use a clear polish or sheer nude as a base coat when I was using a darker shade of nail colour. I don't have a lot of problems with my nails despite what I put them through. They grow well and are pretty strong. I could see why someone with weak or peeling nails would use a specific base coat to help with those issues but silly old me didn't realise how much a base coat could help the look of my polish.

This base coat is supposed to help anyone with uneven or ridged nails and whilst I don't have those problems, it leaves me with an even smoother base for my polish. It leaves my nails looking quite matte, too. The reason I love this base coat is that it helps polishes which are typically streaky and difficult to work with apply more evenly. I especially like to use this with darker polishes. 

There is no need to worry about it taking a long time to dry either, it's touch dry in less than 30 seconds.

I picked this up from Boots for £11.25 (link) but I'm sure you can pick this up cheaper elsewhere. If you're struggling to get an even finish from some of your polishes, I'd recommend you try this out. I've been using this since before Christmas and I've only used about a quarter of it. Considering I use this every couple of days, I expect this to last a long time.

Which base coat do you use?

Stace xx


  1. This sounds like good stuff! I normally use Orly Bonder and it does increase wear time of my nail colours, but doesn't really do a great job at evening out ridges. I may have to look into this one! x