Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bargains from The Body Shop

I don't think I've paid full price for a product from The Body Shop in a very long time. I used to view some of their products, like the £12.50 body butters, as 'luxuries' or things I'd get as a gift but I tend to stock up on them when they're on sale at half price or less so I can use them all the time. I do have their loyalty card so get 10% off all purchases including sale items but when I was in I'd received an email entitling me to 20% off all sale items. I thought I'd share what I picked up as there was plenty left in store when I was in so if you see something you like, you can probably still pick it up!

Spiced Vanilla 
Hand Cream - £1
Hand Soap - £2.50
Body Butter - £3

I love this scent, I know it's not particularly summery so I'll probably save it until it gets a bit colder (as if it isn't cold enough already here in Glasgow!) £3 for a full sized body butter is pretty amazing; especially since it ended up only being £2.40 with my discount. 

Cranberry Joy
Bubble Bath - £3
Body Butter - £3

This scent is really fruity; it's not spicy at all so I'd happily use these right now. We have a bath in our current flat but the sink kind of leans over it so having a bath is pretty much impossible. Our new flat has an uncomplicated bath so I'll be using the bubble bath as soon as I can!

White Musk Sun Glow 60ml - £7.50

I sprayed some of this on myself in store before going on holiday and thought it was really nice but it was £15 so I decided to wait and see if it went on sale, which it did! It's like a fruity version of their signature White Musk scent. I like these perfumes for putting in my bag or travelling as they're not too expensive so if something happens them it's not a total disaster.

Have you shopped in The Body Shop's sale?

Stace xx


  1. More than bargains! These were a STEAL! Great post xo

    1. I know! The Christmas stuff is always really cheap around this time of year :D xx

  2. Oooh Body Shop do seem to have some great deals on at the moment, I went througha phase of not shopping there - I need to start again! x