Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: Hearty Homeware Bits from EBay

We're moving in the middle of the month. I know it might seem as though I've been moving for ages; it's because the landlord keeps changing the date we can move in. We were expecting to be in by the 10th but now it'll be more like the 19th/20th. 

I've been on EBay and I've now got my eye on quite a few bits for our new flat; if only I could buy everything and hide it from Boyfriend who says I'm not allowed to spend anything! So, I thought I'd share some of the things on my wish list with you all, I hope this isn't too much of a departure from the norm.

Love Home Keyring - £2.49 (here)
This isn't technically a 'home' item but I need a new keyring and thought this one was sweet. There are only two left in stock so I might have to hurry up and buy it!

Heart Door Stops - £2.95 (here)
I've actually already bought four of the cream ones but wanted to include these anyway since I've not received them yet. The flat currently has old door stops under a few of the doors and I really wanted to replace them with something pretty and small so these will be great. The seller is lovely too, there's a discount if you buy more than one and she has some other lovely bits for sale too. 

Large Rustic Hanging Heart Chalkboard - £9.44 (here)
There may be a heart theme emerging here! I want to put a little chalkboard in our kitchen to leave Boyfriend instructions write down important things or shopping lists. I recently bought a friend a little trinket that had a tiny chalkboard on it so I had to buy chalk to go with it. The only chalk I could find was a pack of 50 pieces so I gave her two and now have a load of chalk...that's reason enough to buy this, right!?

Red Gingham Heart Coasters - £9.90 (here)
Our kitchen/living/dining area is going to be mostly red and cream so I thought these coasters would fit in well. I like that I can tidy them away into their holder, too. 

Red Gingham Key Holder - £13.25 (here)
Boyfriend wants a key holder. If I have my way it'll be a red and cream one with hearts on...I think this one looks really sweet, I'd be interested to see what the quality is like in real life.

That's it for now!

Stace xx

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  1. The door stops are sooo cute xx

  2. I love the chalk board, looks so cute. I say treat yourself :) xx