Friday, 6 July 2012

Your Feedback & What's Coming Up on ASB!


This is going to be a chatty post; I hope you don't mind. I've just finished reading through the feedback from everyone who entered my recent giveaway and I've got a few things to say about it. 

First off, so many of you asked to see reviews and hauls...isn't that what I do all the time anyway?! I found that a bit strange. Did you mean that you want to see more of those things or that those are your favourite posts? I was a wee bit confused.

Secondly, there were some great suggestions for posts that I unfortunately just can't do either because I don't have the products, knowledge or the skills! For example, you're probably never going to see a nail art post on this blog because I never do nail art. The same goes for complicated eyeshadow tutorials or FOTD posts. I'm quite boring when it comes to my make up so if I did regular FOTDs they'd all look the same. I will try to do more of those, though. Anyone want to come take photos of my face? It's bloody difficult!

I also feel a bit uncomfortable recommending products for different skin types. Whilst I'll happily say in a foundation review something along the lines of 'this was a bit drying n my skin, it might work better on oilier skin', I can't say for certain which products will work for which skin types so I'm just not capable of writing a post on the best primers for oily skin and so on. I only really know what works for me but feel free to ask me in the comments of a review if I think a product would work for you and I'll give you my opinion or point you in the direction of someone who knows more than me!

Some of you asked for drugstore dupes of high end products and I will try to do some of those but to be honest, I try not to buy duplicates of anything so it might be difficult! I will try to get a drugstore favourites post up soon because I know I can definitely do that.

There were a few requests for Instagram/week in photos posts which I'm unlikely to start doing because I don't have Instagram! If you're interested in my (very boring) daily life, you can follow me on Twitter @Staceisace6. The same goes for anyone who asked to see personal posts, although if there's something specific you wanted to know about, let me know.

Someone suggested a make up storage ideas post which I love the idea of but I'm yet to find the perfect storage solution and my make up is currently being stores in a selection of Glossyboxes. We're moving in a fortnight and I'm on the lookout for new storage. Once I've found it, expect to see a post!

Lots of you wanted to see monthly favourites posts but I see far too many of those already and they drive me crazy! I do try to do some seasonal favourites posts but I can't always remember from month to month what I've been using and loving. I tend to review the products I'm currently using so the reviews I post should give you a good indication of what I'm enjoying. 

So...what can you expect to see on Ace Stace Beauty?

Product reviews, hauls, more photos of my face (!), NOTDs, beauty related advice and tips, top fives, collection posts, empties posts, Wishlist Wednesdays and probably a whole lot more!

I hope you enjoy reading it all :)

Stace xx

PS - someone said they wanted to see more of my own photos...if I have the product the photos will be my own. The only time I use stock images is when I do wish list posts because obviously if it's on my wish list, I don't own it yet!

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  1. I honestly like your blog as it is! I think you're doing a great job :-) I love your reviews!