Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Wish List: ELF

This is another budget wish list from me! I've not made an ELF order for a really long time but I do have a bit of  a wish list stored on there so I thought I'd share a couple of the products here. Do let me know what you think of them if you've tried them!

Studio Mineral Powder Brush
I've started watching Josh Collier on YouTube and he was recommending this brush recently so it went straight on to my wish list! 

Studio Warm Bronzer
I recently bought my first ever bronzer (I know!!!) and now I want to try lots of them! I've heard good things about this product so I'm interested in trying it.

Studio Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara
ELF have so many mascaras on offer these days; when did that happen? I've been trying a few waterproof mascaras so I'd like to see how this compares.

Studio Lip Balm in Peach
When I see the word 'peach' in the description or name of a lip product I have to have it! I've not tried any of the Studio balms before either.

Studio Matte Lip Color in Rich Red
The colour of this looks great and I don't have a lot of reds in my (vast) lip product collection so I need it, right?

What's on your wish list this week?

Stace xx


  1. I've never tried elf before, definitely want to, I have a HUGE wish list lol

  2. Ive tried the elf studio powder brush and I love it for applying foundation. I tried the studip stippling brush but hated it, Ive tried their angled shadow brush from their regular line and hated it but I also tried one of their liquid lipsticks and loved it. I think Elf products are hit and miss but being that their so cheap its worth trying. I would recommend for sure the studio powder brush I use for stippling and buffing on my liquid foundations. It gives such a flawless finish xx