Monday, 17 September 2012

Botanics Skincare Overview

I've always been a fan of Botanics skincare. I've liked most of the products I've tried from them and on the whole I think they're a great budget-friendly skincare brand. As most of you probably know, they recently repackaged and reformulated their range. I've been using five products from the new range and although I've reviewed a couple of them individually, I wanted to post an overview for anyone who's not sure about the new products and formulations.

First up is my favourite product; the Rosewater Toning Spritz. I used to use the Rosewater toner that Botanics made so I just picked this up as a replacement and I've been enjoying it so much that it's almost time to buy a new one. I've already reviewed this one in full if you want to go and read more about it. Basically, it's less harsh than a tea tree based toner so it doesn't dry my skin out. I also find that I use a lot less of this each time because it's a spray. If you prefer to use a cotton pad, you could still do so. This product is priced at £4.99.

The second product is also one I've reviewed already. It's the infamous Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. I say infamous because it seems that Botanics have been fiddling with the formula of this once much-loved eye make up remover. Whilst I don't think this remover is as good as the old one, it's still almost as effective and a decent product considering it only costs £3.99.

The Softening Cleanser was a new product to me and I have to say that initially I wasn't a fan. When I used it I found that it left my skin feeling sore and looking red. A friend of mine has also tried this cleanser and had a similar, if not more extreme, reaction. I continued to use it and found that after four or five uses my skin no longer reacted. The product is recommended for all skin types but if you have quite sensitive skin I'd say that it's best to avoid it completely. I actually quite like the product now; it removes my make up effectively (including light eye make up) and it hasn't caused any break outs or other reactions apart from those first few times. It's a very typical cream cleanser which I massage into my skin, remove with a cotton pad and repeat until every trace of make up is gone. The Softening Cleanser is £4.99.

My most recent purchase from the range is the Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish. I was reluctant to buy it because I believe I've already found my favourite facial exfoliator (the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion from The Body Shop) but curiosity got the better of them when I spotted a few positive reviews. I figured that I'd be saving myself some pennies if I liked it as much as my favourite because at £7.99 it's a couple of pounds cheaper and contains almost twice as much product. Unfortunately I don't think it can compare. Although the granules are relatively fine, they're larger and more abrasive than what I'm used to so I found using this scrub a little uncomfortable. It did exfoliate my skin pretty well, it's just not my favourite. It's worth having a look at if you've never tried a microdermabrasion scrub.

The final product from the range that I've been using are the All Bright Cleansing Face Wipes.  I took these with me when I went home last month because I was out of my favourite No7 wipes. They're only £3.49 and they're not bad. I did find that they felt a tiny bit 'dry' even when I first opened them but other than that, they worked as I expected them to. I wouldn't rush to repurchase these now that I've used them all up; I don't use face wipes regularly anyway. 

Overall I like Botanics and a brand and I think they offer fantastic value skincare products. I like the new packaging and whilst some of the products I've tried haven't thoroughly impressed me I'd still like to try more from the range and there are a couple of products that I'll probably always repurchase. 

Are you a fan of Botanics? 

Stace xx

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