Saturday, 29 September 2012

LUSH Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask


I just wanted to quickly say that I'm sorry I've been posting quite a lot of reviews recently. I have lots of ideas for more interesting posts but my boyfriend and I broke up last week and I'm currently trying to find a new place to live. It's all getting a bit crazy but thank you for bearing with me; normal service will resume sometime very soon, hopefully.

On a lighter note, Brazened Honey is the second Fresh Face Mask from LUSH that I'd been trying this month. I was given Brazened Honey instead of Love Lettuce by mistake and I was a bit miffed because I'd tried Brazened Honey a long time ago and not liked it too much. I decided to give it another try anyway to see what if my opinion would change. 

The mask itself is very, very exfoliating which puts me off because I like using my own microdermabrasion scrub before using a face mask and I find the ground almonds to be a bit too harsh on my skin. In saying that, it did leave my face feeling incredibly smooth. Despite taking this mask from the fridge before applying it to my skin my face felt hot when it was on due to the spices in the product. It reminded me a bit of a few thermal masks I've tried before; it wasn't irritating at all on my skin but I wouldn't rush to recommend it to someone with sensitive skin. When I'd tried this mask previously I found that it left my skin feeling quite dry and since my skin has been becoming less and less oily I was concerned that I'd find it even more drying this time around. Thankfully I didn't really notice any dryness. In saying that, I don't find Brazened Honey to be particularly moisturizing either. 

Overall the mask is just okay. I probably won't be repurchasing it but I would recommend it to anyone with normal-oily skin who likes a lot of exfoliation. It smells quite nice and is pleasant to use. All LUSH Fresh Face Masks are priced at £5.95 and are available in store. 

What's your favourite face mask?

Stace xx

PS - Please don't forget to keep these in the fridge; they last around three to four weeks and I can get about five uses out of each pot. 


  1. Oh goodie never tried this one does it smell really strongly of honey? Hope your ok and get sorted soon I'm usually around somewhere if you need to vent xxx

  2. I have never tried any of their fresh face masks before but I might have to try 1 of them soonish...

  3. Sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend, I hope everything works out okay for you in the end. This sounds really interesting.. Comes out of the fridge cold and ends up warm on your face! I love the fresh face masks but this one has never appealed to me and it still doesn't now, I'd rather try other ones - Love Lettuce is the best! xx

  4. Sorry to hear about your breakup, I hope everything turns out for you! As for Lush products, I like to read extensive reviews and try samples of their products before purchasing because I am weary about buying (relatively) expensive products that have expiration dates! That said, I probably won't be purchasing this. Thanks for the review :)

  5. Oh Stace I hope you're OK :( I've only just seen this post or I'd have commented sooner. You're a lovely girl and breakups are hard take some time for yourself and a few girls nights out are in order. I'm sure you have lots of close friends but if you want somebody not so close to talk to I will be all ears xxx