Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Top Five: Pedicure Polishes

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to pedicure polishes and nine times out of ten I'll be wearing one of the five shades above. Every time I stray from these five colours I always regret it. For some reason most bright colours look awful on my toes so I tend to stick to more classic shades.

Nails Inc Baker Street
Okay, so this isn't exactly a classic shade but it's one of my all-time favourite polishes and I've used it so much. It's definitely been my pedicure colour of choice this summer. I wear a lot of tan flats and sandals and I love how Baker Street looks with those. The formula of this polish is excellent; I can get away with just one coat if I'm in a rush. 

Essie Fishnet Stockings
This is a mini that has seen better days. It's a dark, slightly warm toned red creme. This is my go-to when I'm not in the mood for a dark or nude shade but don't fancy wearing Baker Street. The formula on this one is also quite nice but it does require two coats.

Chanel Rouge Noir
This is my favourite Chanel polish, hands down. I need to pick up a new bottle because this one only has about a third left and it's become quite gloopy. It's a vampy dark red that looks great on fingers and toes. I wear this one an awful lot in the winter. I need two, sometimes three, coats with this one. 

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
This polish is like a purple toned  version of Rouge Noir and is another winter favourite for me. I wear this one year-round, though. It's very dark and almost looks black in some lights but it's less harsh looking than a black. I rely on this polish to complement whatever I happen to be wearing and I think it does that job pretty well. I need two coats of this polish.

Essie Sand Tropez
This shade may divide opinion but if you've not tried a light neutral shade on your toes, you're missing out! I like this polish for the same reasons I like Lincoln Park After Dark; it works with most outfits/shoes. I prefer this lighter shade over the more taupe/mushroom shades because I think it looks a bit 'cleaner'. Sand Tropez is several shades lighter than my skin so it won't be for everyone but I love it. I need three coats for an opaque finish.

With all of these polishes I use a fast-drying top coat like Sally Hansen Insta Dri. 

What are your favourite pedicure colours? Are you a creature of habit like me?

Stace xx


  1. Love the look of the Chanel Rouge Noir and Essie Sand Tropez! They are my kind of colours :) xx

    1. They're both lovely shades but sadly the most finicky of the bunch to apply! Totally worth it, though.xx

      PS - thanks for following :) it was lovely to meet you the other night!

  2. I'm a complete bore! I've gotta match my fingers and toes I'm a bit OCD! Love Rouge Noir such a classic x