Thursday, 4 October 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Range

I was recently given the opportunity to try out John Frieda's relatively new Full Repair* range. I have the shampoo, conditioner and deep infusion. The range is designed to 'revive overworked hair' with Inca Inchi extract. As I don't use heat on my hair very often and I never colour it I wouldn't describe my hair as 'overworked' so I enlisted the help of my friend to help me with this review.

The shampoo was my favourite product of the three; I've used it all up! The description of this shampoo sounds quite similar to the Osmo Berber Oil and Macadamia Natural Oil shampoos which are both favourites of mine so that might explain why I liked this product. It's a fairly standard shampoo; it smells inoffensive and lathers up nicely. I sometimes struggle with shampoos irritating my scalp and this one didn't which is a huge plus for me. It didn't leave my hair looking limp so I'd say that it somewhat delivers on its 'full body' claim but it's not a miracle product in that sense. Emma, my reviewing friend, also thought that the shampoo wasn't really anything special but that it worked nicely.

Before I even tried the conditioner I knew I probably wouldn't like it because I never use a traditional conditioner like this. Like the shampoo it's what you'd expect from a standard high street conditioner. I found it to be far too conditioning for my hair so only used it a few times. Again, Emma didn't think this product was anything special. 

I've been trying out is the Perfect Ends Deep Infusion which is the interesting product in the range. Its purpose is similar to a hair oil or serum but the consistency is really odd. It looks like water or a light oil but it comes in a pump bottle so it's quite tricky to use. I'm not sure why they didn't package it in a spray bottle because that would have been much more convenient. You only need to use a really small amount of this product; I overdid it the first time and my hair was horribly greasy within a few hours. I used this before blow drying my hair and did find that it made the ends look smoother. I don't think it'll be replacing my hair oils or my beloved Aussie leave in conditioner spray, though. Emma didn't particularly rate this product either.

This review probably sounds quite negative but on the whole the products aren't bad, they just don't work particularly well on my hair type. If I were to repurchase anything from the range it would be the shampoo. With prices starting at £5.89 the products are worth a try if you have colour treated hair or heat styled hair.

Have you tried anything from this range?

Stace xx

*PR Samples


  1. Good honest review, sucks it didn't suit your hair type ):

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Yeah, I couldn't write a glowing review because I didn't really love the products but I do think they'll work for others.xx