Monday, 29 April 2013

E.L.F. Angled Blush Brush

Say hello to one of my new favourite brushes! This is the Angled Blush Brush from E.L.F.'s Studio range and I've been using it for about three months now. Its name would suggest that I've been using it for blush but the densely packed bristles and thinner shape mean it's a rubbish blush brush. However, it's excellent for foundation. 

As with all E.L.F. Studio brushes this one has a matte black handle and a black metal ferule with black bristles. Pretty sleek looking for £3.75, I reckon. I was expecting something similar to my beloved MAC 168 in terms of shape and density so was a tiny bit disappointed when I first got my hand on this. It languished in my brush collection for about a month until I realised that it might be great for foundation. 

It turns out that I was right; it's totally a foundation brush. It's similar to one of those traditional foundation brushes which make me feel like I'm painting my face but it's a bit fatter and the angle makes it great for getting into areas under the eyes and around the nose. I use it to blend concealer in under my eyes and on any other blemishes before dotting some foundation on my skin and blending it in. Right now I'll happily reach for this in place of my Real Techniques Buffing brush or Illamasqua Highlight brush which have both been long-time favourites of mine. 

My only issue with this brush is the fact that after about two uses I could tell that the ferule was getting loose. It hasn't fallen apart yet but every time I use it I think it's going to! I don't mind so much because it was so inexpensive but the inconsistency in quality of E.L.F. products is very frustrating. Thankfully it doesn't shed! 

What's your favourite brush for foundation?

Stace xx


  1. I love E.L.F make up I but haven't tried their brushes yet. I love my Real Techniques brushes but washing them all the time is a pain! Think I might buy a few cheap E.L.F brushes to use while my RT are waiting for a wash! x

  2. I am yet to try this brush but will definately try this for foundation. I use my Real Techniques blusher brush for blusher and love it.

    For foundation I tend to use RT buffing brush or expert face brush. I have also tried the RT stippling brush but the buffing brush is my favourite.

    Carrie x

  3. This one looks really good! :)

    Kelly xx

  4. love elf brushes but had no idea they now have an angled brush! Love it! and since they now have an ELF studio store in NYC, I will definitely be picking one up. Thanks for the post :)