Friday, 20 September 2013

Budget Beauty Essential: Boots Extra Large Cotton Wool Pads

Boots extra large cotton wool pads

I first heard about these super sized cotton pads from Boots in a Zoella video, I believe. At the time I was using a cream cleanser, separate eye make up remover and toner so I was going through 6-8 regular cotton pads every time I removed my make up. At £2.59 for 60 these may seem a bit pricey for cotton pads but I think they're well worth it.

(a bit of a weird size comparison shot!)

If you've ever been a fan of those dreaded drying face wipes (we've all been there...I still keep some on hand for emergencies!) because they're so quick and easy to use, these cotton pads, a good quality cleanser and toner make an excellent alternative. I typically massage my cleanser into my skin to lift the make up and remove with one of the pads. The process is much quicker as I only need one pad unless I need to double cleanse to remove lots of make up.

I also use them to remove polish - one pad will do nails and toes.

You'll find these in the baby section rather than in the beauty section and they're currently in a buy one, get one half price offer. I've only got a few pads left so am planning on stocking up this weekend!

Stace xx

Ps - I'll be posting a wee blog sale at some point over the weekend because I'm moving flat again and am having a bit of a clear out so keep your eyes peeled for that!


  1. I love these :) Superdrug do a very similar one too xx

  2. Those look quite good, I always use wipes though, (unless I've been lazy and not taken my makeup off before bed) I'm terrible, thankfully I have no skin issues though. I'm a bad beauty blogger x