Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Heavenly Havaianas

I picked up a pair of Havaianas a couple of months ago in TK Maxx for around £8 - £10. They look like this:

Havaianas Top in Red

These are brilliant flip flops. I've pretty much lived in them since I've had them which is unusual for me as I don't really like clothing or shoes with brand logos on. They are *so* comfortable! I wear flip flops a lot so I don't have issues with pain from wearing toe posts but the pairs I was buying from Primark, Dorothy Perkins or Topshop were always wearing down on the soles and it felt as though I was just walking barefoot. The soles of the Havaianas haven't worn away or moulded to my feet so they're just as they were when I bought them and I'm sure I'll have them for years to come! 

I'd like to have a few more colours in the style I currently have as well as possibly a pair of the 'Slim' style and a pair from the 'Fit' range. Here are some of the pairs I'm lemming:

Havaianas Fit in Black (£25)

Havaianas Top in Navy Blue (£16)

Havaianas Top in Grey Atmosphere (£16)

I couldn't find a colour in the 'Slim' style that I really liked but I do like how they look so I will watch out for new colours!

I realise £16 seems expensive for a pair of simple flip flops; I used to think that too. But they really are totally worth the money! Especially if you're lucky enough to live somewhere sunnier than Glasgow!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Havaianas too?

Stace xx

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