Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dupes? MAC Hush Cream Colour Base Vs. Maybelline Dream Touch in Apricot

L - R: Maybelline Dream Touch in Apricot, MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush

L-R: Maybelline Apricot, MAC Hush

Top - MAC Hush
Bottom - Maybelline Apricot

In reality, these look very, very similar on the skin. I realise that in the photos Hush looks a little more pink but  I couldn't see that difference with my eyes. I alternate between these two all the time; they're my favourite cream highlighters. I find that Hush is thicker in texture and whilst that is good for staying power, sometimes it rubs off my foundation a bit when I apply it. The Maybelline Apricot is much lighter and creamy in texture so you do need to use more of it. This one is much easier to apply quickly so it's what  I reach for on days when I'm getting ready quickly whereas I tend to use the Hush if I want it to last all day (or on a night out).

Do you own either of these? 

Stace xx

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