Friday, 9 September 2011

Burberry's New Fragrance - "Body"

A couple of weeks ago, FleurdeForce posted about Burberry giving away samples of their new fragrance via their Facebook page. She seemed to think the samples were 30ml (aka pretty much full size!) so I decided it wouldn't do any harm to fill in my details and see if I received anything. 

A small white box arrived last week and inside was a 4.5ml sample of Body, the new fragrance from Burberry. 

So, what do I think of it?

Well, my boyfriend told me it smelt like grannies! I have to admit that upon first snuff, it does smell a bit too mature for my liking. Burberry describe this scent as "very British and the most sensual and feminine fragrance we have ever worked on. It's sophisticated, it's modern and it's delicate. We wanted it to beĆ”light and feminine but also distinctive - something that appeals to women regardless of their age." So that probably explains why I think its a bit more appropriate for an older lady. 

However, I've worn this a few times now and whilst I wouldn't say I love it, the mature aspects of the scent do die down throughout the day. I like it much more after I've been wearing it for an hour or so. I think I would wear this as lot if I worked in an office or had a 'sensible' job. It does wear for a very long time (I would say up to 8 hours) which I like.

This is available from anywhere which stocks Burberry fragrances. I found it at Debenhams starting at £45 for 35ml.

Will you be giving this a sniff?

Stace xx

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