Sunday, 11 September 2011

Review: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Primer

(Look at the state of this packaging?! I hate the big stickers Superdrug put on their products!)

A close up of the texture

Product: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Primer

Price: £14.29 from Superdrug 


"L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer is inspired by professional make-up artists, this primer masks wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin, making the complexion feel smooth and soft, with a remarkable velvety touch."

What's Good About It?

I feel it does what it's supposed to in that it does smooth out my skin. I tend to use this only on my t-zone area and a little on my cheeks where I have larger pores. I find if I pat it into those areas, it definitely helps. I was a bit worried that the little pot wouldn't last very long but you really don't need a lot of this; the amount I have on my hand in the photo above is probably a bit too much for me but would be enough to cover a whole face. It's not too greasy either; it leaves you with a pretty matte base for your foundation.

What's Disappointing?

To be honest, this product doesn't wow me. There are better primers out there, there are worse primers out there. My main issue with this primer is the price. £14.29 is a lot of pay for a small 15ml pot of primer from a drugstore brand. I can't really comment on how it works on wrinkles because I don't have any so it's possible that this primer would work better on more mature skin. I don't think it will work for people with dry skin either as it might be too drying.

Overall Score & Comment: 4/10 - I'll use this up because it does sort of work for me but I won't be repurchasing. 

Have you tried this primer?

Stace xx


  1. I agree, it is too pricey. We pay $40 AUD for the same thing here which is equal to 26 GBP!!! The prices are ridiculous in Australia!

  2. I agree it's pricey as well. I was going to try this out but after reading your review I'll think twice about it. x

  3. Out of the three primers I have, I do favour this one. It is a bit pricey for drugstore but it does actually last a long time even though the pot is so small. I don't find it to be too drying and it does the job well so I'd probably repurchase until something better comes along! x

  4. £26!? That's insane! I'd only pay that much for a high end primer...and only if it was good. Kayleigh, I agree, it does last a long time but for me that might be a negative point as I'm itching to try something new but want to use up what I have!xx

  5. Thanks for your honesty. This is what I use...

    have you tried it?