Tuesday, 17 January 2012

LUSH Charity Pot

This is one of my favourite body lotions and I got a little pot of it in a gift set from my boyfriend at Christmas. If you've not tried it, I hope this review will help you decide whether you'd like it or not.

Product: Charity Pot Body Lotion

Price: £12.75 for 240g or £6.95 for 100g from lush.co.uk or LUSH stores


"This is a light lotion that is kind and gentle enough for all ages and all parts of the body. The gentle loose emulsion means this sinks in quickly whilst leaving the skin softly conditioned."
LUSH also say this: "We often have trouble explaining our Charity Pot to people – because usually charity products only give an amount, like £1, from each sale to charity, or "all profit" to charity. But with this product we give ALL the money you pay to charity, not just the profit. The only thing we take out is the VAT, which we have to give to the government."

What's Good About It?
This smells delicious (like chocolate) and it's a really nice thick body lotion. It's one of my favourite LUSH products. The fact the money I pay goes to charity makes me feel good about buying it, too! In case you didn't know, LUSH gives out a free fresh face mask when you return five empty pots.

What's Disappointing?
I suppose it might seem a little expensive. I use a lot of body lotion - this little pot might last three or four uses for me. Because this is so thick it's not one you can use in the morning and get dressed soon after. This is definitely a night time body lotion. That's not necessarily disappointing to me personally but I understand that it could be annoying to some people.

Overall Score & Comment: 8/10 - this is a really nice body lotion and worth trying if you like thick, sweet smelling lotions. You also get the feel-good factor when purchasing this product!

What's your favourite LUSH product?

Stace xx


  1. I got a little tin of this for £1.00 so cute and handy to pop into your handbag!! My fave LUSH product is the Snowcake soap, I am trying my best to stock up on it through swapping and Ebay because it's a christmas special *sobs*



  2. Love the idea of this, everyone benefits. The charity, the customer who gets a great product and Lush as most of us would not just purchase one item in Lush, would we?!

    1. Buy just one product? Never! Haha!xx