Wednesday, 18 January 2012

LUSH Valentines Wish List

***Sorry for another LUSH related post...I'm clearly obsessed!***

Whilst browsing the LUSH website recently, I spotted their Valentines range. I've had a little look and made a wish list!

Leap Frog Bath Bomb - £2.75

How sweet do these look?! The scent sounds lovely - jasmine, sandalwood and rose.

Love Potion Massage Bar - £5.95

I love massage bars and this one includes cornflour to prevent the greasy feeling lasting any longer than you'd want it to. This is supposed to have a light citrus fragrance.

PS - I Love You Gift Set - £16.95

I hope Boyfriend sees this and gets me this for Valentine's Day. It's going to be an awful/brilliant day - my dissertation is due on that date. So I'll need a nice present to make me feel better, right? I bet he'll forget!

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Are you eyeing up anything from the Valentines range?

Stace xx

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