Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wet'n'Wild Single Shadows in Brulee, Penny & Nutty

I actually got all three of these singles as extras in swap parcels. They're some of the best extras I've ever received. 

These shadows are great quality, especially considering how cheap they are. All three are buttery smooth and super pigmented.

Brulee is a really nice highlight or blending out shade. I've been getting more into using matte shadows recently so I've found myself reaching for this a lot.

Nutty is a shimmery taupe shade. Some may compare this to MAC Satin Taupe but I think this shade leans more brown. This is a very easy shade to wear on its own.

Penny is a shimmery orange/peach gold shade. It looks really nice on my brown eyes with a darker brown shade in the crease. I'd compare this to MAC Mythology but Penny is actually a lot smoother and easier to use.

I always apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base on my eyelids and find I don't get any creasing from any of these shades. They do fade a bit by the end of the day, though.

L-R: Brulee, Penny, Nutty

If you're ever doing a swap with someone in the US, I'd totally recommend asking for these. Nutty will probably work best for everyone but the other two shades a nice to have as well.

Stace xx


  1. Nice colours... It's a shame we can't get WnW in Uk. :(

  2. I love all of the colours!! I did have a Wet'N'Wild palette which I really liked but I didn't use it very often so sold it, but the prices are amazing for the quality aren't they!!



  3. I have to get Nutty - great shadow for the price.