Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yankee Candles: Soft Blanket, Mandarin Cranberry & Cinnamon Stick

I love Yankee candles. I've been buying them for a few years now and I do have some favourite scents - if you'd like a post on that, please let me know! At the moment I just have three large tumblers. I bought them just before Christmas to burn once my Christmas scents ran out. 

I buy all my candles from They have a facebook page here, too. I find they have the best prices and their delivery time is pretty good. They also run free gift promotions and give loyalty points. I believe each of these large tumblers was £13.69 (and I got a free small jar!). 

I usually buy the medium or large jars (these) but I decided to go for the large tumblers this time. I like that these have two wicks I waste a lot of wax with the jars even though I try to burn them until the wax has completely pooled. I only need to burn the tumblers for 1 1/2 - 2 hours at a time so they'll hopefully last me a bit longer.

Mandarin Cranberry
I've owned this a couple of times before. Mandarin Cranberry is a strong fruity scent and I love it! I can easily smell this the next morning. It's not spicey or warm if those scents put you off. I usually burn this in the kitchen or hallway (by the cat litter try...I will say no more!)

Cinnamon Stick
If you are a fan of warm scents, this is a great one! I've had this one before, too. I've also tried Sparkling Cinnamon which is a sweeter, lighter cinnamon scent. I prefer Cinnamon Stick because it's a true cinnamon scent and I find it lingers for a long time. This is another one I burn in the hallway and it's a lovely smell to come home to!

Soft Blanket
This is the one I have on my bedside table and it's a new scent to me. It's a much softer scent which doesn't linger as much as the other two jars in this post. It makes me feel relaxed and sleepy. I'm not sure how to describe the scent - it's a little sweet and vanilla-eqsue. I can see why this is one of their best selling fragrances.

I hope this was useful to some of you! If you have any questions or would like more Yankee posts, please let me know. I'll be picking up some more once these burn out - which won't be for a while!

Stace xx


  1. These look nice! I bought my first YC a couple of weeks back. It smells lovely and really warms the house up! xx

    1. Oooh - which scent did you go for?xx

  2. My favourite scent is clean cotton and soft blanket. I just recently bought my first yankee candles you can see on my blog which I got. :)

    1. I love Clean Cotton! It's so lovely in my kitchen :) I need to pick up a new one the next time I make an order. I'll have a look at your blog now xx