Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My NARS Blush Collection

I'm running a 200 follower giveaway right now and the prize is a NARS blush. I mentioned in that post that I could do a quick post about my NARS blush collection and quite a few of your asked to see that so here it is! 

I currently have six shades which to some may seem excessive and to others it will seem like a very small collection. I do plan on getting a few more but I'm happy with what I have right now. 

Taj Mahal
 Burnt orange with shimmer
This is the least wearable NARS blush I own just because it's so incredibly pigmented and the colour is one I have to use an extremely light hand with. This blush looks beautiful when I have a bit of a tan, though. I will try to do a FOTD with this on in the summer. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with very fair skin but I think if you have a warm medium skintone, you can definitely pull this off. I'd imagine this looks beautiful on dark skintones.

Sheer golden apricot
This was the first NARS blush I purchased and it's been my most used. I used this to death when I first got it and have rediscovered it recently. This is quite sheer so it's great if you're a bit heavy handed. It's also excellent if you're in a rush because it's so easy to use. I've seen paler girls wearing this and it looks brilliant on them as a blush. It's great for medium skintoned girls like me but I think it would be more of a highlighting product for darker skins.

Coral with shimmer
I've had this one for quite a while but I don't find myself reaching for it a lot. I think this will be another shade I'll use a lot more in the summer months when my skin's a bit more tanned. The shimmer isn't too obnoxious. I think this will suit most skintones in the medium/tan range.

I really love this one! The shade just brightens up my face so nicely. This is definitely one of my top five blushes. Gina has a matte finish which I like as I can add just add a highlight if I want. I don't hear this blush talked about as much as some other shades but I think it is one of the best, especially for anyone with warmer skintones.

This is the newest addition to my NARS blush collection and I have to admit that I've not used it yet. I had it applied at the counter and it looked great. It's quite similar to MAC Melba if you've tried that. It is a touch more peach/orange, though. Again I think this will work for a variety of skintones. Gilda also has a matte finish.

Peachy pink with shimmer
I guess this is the blush everyone thinks of first when they think of NARS. This was the second NARS blush I purchased and I do find I use it quite a lot. The swatch below is making it look very glittery but I don't find that transfers onto my face. The level of shimmer in Orgasm is much like the shimmer in Torrid or Luster. If you're new to NARS blushes and you're not sure which shade to go for, this is a great 'one shade suits all' shade unless you have a very dark skintone. I do prefer Luster and Gina to Orgasm but that doesn't mean I dislike it. I use it a lot when I use cooler toned make up because it complements those shades better than my other NARS favourites.

L-R: Taj Mahal, Luster, Torrid, Gina, Gilda, Orgasm

You can see I like my orangey, peachy shades!

I have previously owned Taos and Oasis but neither worked particularly well for me. Taos was a bit too red toned whereas Oasis had too much obvious glitter in it. I have Madly on my wish list right now

These are priced at £21 for 4.8g and are available from NARS counters, the NARS website and

Do you have any NARS blushes? Let me know your thoughts!

Stace xx


  1. Wow Orgasm really is gorgeous! Loving your collection :-)

  2. I'm so jealous you have such a good collection! Literally no fair :P

    1. I did buy them over a period of over 18 months so it's taken me a while to get to this stage!xx

  3. I used to own Orgasm but went off it, so now I don't own a NARS blush :( fingers crossed I will sooooon! Very jealous of your collection!



    1. Thanks for reading! Orgasm is a bit overhyped, I think but it's a pretty universal shade so that's probably why!xx

  4. I love Nars blushes, Luster and Madly are the ones I want to get next. I now want Torrid, Gina and Gilda after this post. (my poor bank balance) I highly recommend Deep Throat and Douceur, these are my two favourites that I own. xx