Friday, 27 April 2012

April Glossybox

I didn't expect to be writing this post but I stupidly didn't unsubscribe properly after the last box so I got an email THREE weeks ago to say they'd taken my payment for this box. It wasn't dispatched until the 25th because of a hold up at the warehouse due to the Easter break. 

The box and inside are all very natural colours as this is the 'Natural Beauty Box'. I quite like the look of it, actually.

This is what was inside. Initially I was excited to see a Caudalie product and a coconut shower gel that I assumed was from a high end brand. There are five products in here but one of them (the perfume oil which is attached to the little green square of paper) is absolutely miniscule. I realise that this sample is from the most expensive full sized product but I don't think it counts as a deluxe sample. However, there are three full sized products in the box this time. 

First up are two of the full sized items. The shower gel is from Ayuuri and priced at a whopping...£4.95.! It doesn't smell anywhere near as coconut-y as I'd like but perhaps it will in the shower. We shall see.

[Edit - The shower gel isn't quite full sized!]

Next up is a Figs & Rouge lip balm which is another cheap item at £3.29. This is in the Rambling Rose scent. I just tried it and not only is the balm an odd consistency (gritty and weirdly soft) it tastes like I'm wearing perfume on my lips. I've had other rose scented lip products and liked them so this is a disappointment. I'm still gagging!

The third full sized product is from Inkia, a brand I've never heard of. Yes, folks, it's another eyeliner in a fugly colour which I will probably never wear. What is with these beauty box companies and eye liners? I feel as though they're the only make up items they include any more. 

This liner is priced at £11.25 and I have it in the shade Peacock Blue. It's quite a creamy liner, which I appreciate but the shade is a frosty mid blue which just reminds me of something my mum would have worn as a child. I don't think I'll be using this one, unfortunately. 

This Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum is the product I was most excited to see. I really like all the products I've tried from Caudalie in the past, particularly from the Vinosource range. 

This sample tube is 10ml and the full sized product is priced at £29.00 for 30ml. I went to squeeze a little out on my hand and had to squeeze almost to the top of the tube before any product came out. I'm beyond disappointed with this. I realise that these tubes are never going to be full to the brim with product but that doesn't mean they can only have a tiny bit of product in, either. 

Finally and most under-whelmingly, is this perfume oil sample from Kai. According to the Glossybox card the full size of this product is priced at £41 for a mere 3.6ml. I'm not sure if that's a typo! My little sample was only half full.

I've tried a tiny bit of this and whilst the scent isn't really for me, it's very strong so you do only need a very small amount. 

So, there it is! My last ever Glossybox post (I promise this time, I've definitely unsubscribed properly!) As you can see, I'm pretty unimpressed. Beauty boxes in general frustrate me, I wish I'd kept my £13 and spent it on something I actually like. I was even more frustrated when after I unsubscribed I got several emails from Glossybox begging me to come back and offering me 30% off a box I'd already paid full price for!

I'm going to end this rant here! Let me know what you think of this month's box if you received it!

Stace xx


  1. No wonder your unimpressed! This months is my last box too, hope I'm not as disapointed as you!


  2. I'm waiting for my first box (when I say waiting, it's at the sorting office) and I'm slightly underwhelmed seeing this :(

  3. Wow, the eighties called and they want their eyeliner back.

    1. I like the eyeliner but this made me laugh haha x

  4. Generally I like the box, but the perfume oil isn't my kinda thing at all. I smell like a florists so it's being washed off asap!

    Amy x

  5. I unsubscribed to GlossyBox in September last year, once I started my MA and couldn't afford the monthly payments. I think the box after that was fairly good and so was the Christmas one, so I felt a bit gutted, but after seeing the contents of the last few boxes, I'm really not that bothered anymore! I feel this is a 'trend' that has passed as in theory it was awesome, but in practice it just doesn't work as you can't please everyone. I feel if they are going to include beauty products, have the foresight to consider shades that will suit most tastes and skin tones, such as neutrals. Also, not just lip balm, body lotion and perfume samples would have been nice!

  6. I had exactly the same box as you. I hardly any product in the Serum as well, just air. I liked the lip balm at first but now my mouth tastes of perfume, nice one! Haha..xx

  7. I was lucky with mine again got the caudalie, inika pencil in a deep purple colour which I like as ive got green eyes, monu moisturiser full size worth £17.50, figs n rouge in cherry vanilla smells divine and burts bees milk and honey body lotion my box totals up to £46! X

  8. I unnsubscribed from Glossybox France a while back and I'll never ever ever subscribe to it again even if a miracle finally happened and they really did what they promised initially: send us travel size samples of luxury brands.
    I was more and more disappointed with every box I received: not a single brand they sent me felt like it was "luxury", the products were cheap, fugly, half empty...just like your box this month. They do have some boxes that are better than others (another thing I hate: that different persons received different product combinations) but curiously I never got one of those "good" boxes. £13 for what you got this month is a plain rip-off.

  9. I just got mine and I'm quite happy with it! It's my first! I got a few things the same as you! I got the Figs & Rouge lip balm in peppermint and tea tree, the Inika eyeliner in Green Lagoon which is a really soft green colour and the Caudalie serum too! But then I also got a MonuSpa body lotion and a Philip B straightening balm! RE the serum - Mine came out really easily, but a little too quickly! I think every thing I got is relevant to the needs and criteria I specified in my profile! If you want a proper look at what I got and what I think, I've just blogged about it! Sorry you were so disappointed with yours! xo

  10. I'd be most interested in the Caudalie serum as well. When Glossybox finally ships in the US, I'll be really interested to see what it has. Great post!

  11. I got my glossybox today, I had a few different products though but I quite like mine all in all. The lip balm I just love so much!

    I also wrote a review on it as well if your interested

  12. I'm so glad I unsub a couple of months ago...
    I don't regret it and I have saved plenty of money... I think the novelty is wearing off with many girls... Especially with this disappointing boxes. X

  13. Thanks for all the comments ladies - GB is one of those things which seems to divide opinion!xx

  14. I cancelled my glossy box after they joined carmine! but this looks like such a good box!!
    I also nominated you for an award!

  15. I unsubscribed after the Harrods Box fiasco and was sure this month's box was going to be amazing. After seeing this though, I'm really glad I did - this would not have been for me.
    The size of the perfume oil is a joke!