Monday, 4 June 2012

BeneFit Freebie with Glamour!

Everyone seems to be pretty excited about the BeneFit freebies with this month's Glamour magazine and I rushed out the other day to pick up a copy with the PoreFessional primer. I'm not overly interested in trying That Gal or Bad Gal (I actually can't stand that macara!) but I'm pleased to have a little sample of PoreFessional. 

I used to use this all the time but ran out about a year ago and never got around to repurchasing it. This tube is only 7.5ml but it's nice to have it for the summer months as that tends to be when I get enlarged pores most often. I only use this on and around my nose and a little on my chin because I don't feel as though I need it anywhere else on my face. 

I buy Glamour every month anyway so it was a bonus that it came with such a great free gift!

Have you picked up your copy this month yet? Which freebie are you after?

Stace xx


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  2. Ah I got this and That Gal which I had been dying to try. I am glad I got to try it sample size as I doubt I would actually purchase the full size now alas saving me some pennies. The POREfessional though is a everyday staple so this is a great travel sized one to have around for when I am staying away!


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    1. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of That Gal tbh! xx

  3. i picked same freebie as i cant stand the mascara either and the other one wasnt for me as i have oily skin!but..its ok,i will use it every now and then on my nose and chin..but i wouldnt purchase big size...maybe buy another magazine with the same sample!x

  4. I'm with you on the Bad Gal mascara...hate it! I just tried Girl Meets Pearl have you tried that? I love it!! It's great for a bit of shimmer in the summer!

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    ♥ Shia