Sunday, 3 June 2012

May Empties


I'm getting much better at holding on to the products I use up over the month; I've started keeping a bag on the back of our bedroom door and just putting empty products in there when I'm done. I got through a decent amount of stuff this month although most of these products were things that were already partly used before this month - I didn't go through three full hand sanitizers in four weeks!

Make Up For Ever HD Primer
This was just okay - I won't be repurchasing as I've tried better primers.

NARS Sheer Glow in Santa Fe
I'm glad I used this up as it's much too light for me now! I actually wore it for the last time on the flight. I'll probably pick up another bottle of Sheer Glow at some point but for now I have several other foundations on the go.

Lancome Hypnose Drama sample
I liked this but the wand is an odd shape that I find a little difficult to work with and it's so heavily scented which is off-putting too. I'm unsure if I'll buy the full size.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact in B30 sample
I only really used this to review it and I don't imagine I'll ever be spending £39 on the full size.

Clinique Super Balm in Root Beer mini
I've got several of these minis and they're so handy for handbags. They're really moisturising and I think they're pretty underrated in the online beauty community. This shade was my favourite; it's a nude-brown colour but it's pretty sheer on the lips.

17 Mirror Shine in Beehive
This was another of the products in my little lipstick challenge so I've managed to use up two of the five now. I liked this product but I'm not a fan of the packaging/scent so I don't think I'll be hunting down another.

L'Oreal Telescopic in Black
This was a nice mascara which gave me a serious amount of length but I find it to be a bit too clumpy for me so I'm not sure if I'll buy another. I think L'Oreal mascaras seem so expensive for what they are too.

Boots Nail Polish Remover
This is hands down my favourite nail polish remover and it helps that it's super cheap! I've tried others and I keep going back to this one.

3 Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers
These are such handy little products - there's usually one in my handbag. I wish we could get Bath & Body Works here in the UK; my bank balance is probably glad there isn't, though.

Seche Vite Top Coat
This is just too gloopy to use now. I hate when that happens because one day it's perfectly usable and then overnight it becomes stringy and thick and a pain in the behind. Gaaah!

No7 Quick Thinking Face Wipes
There will usually be a pack of these in my empties posts because they're my favourite face wipes and I always stock up on them when there are some No7 £5 off vouchers going around. 

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
I can't rave enough about this face scrub! This is probably the sixth or seventh tube I've owned. I started using it about four years ago and I just keep going back to it. I've done a full review of this if you're interested in checking it out.

Boots Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel
This is a cheap and cheerful eye make up remover which feels lovely and soothing. It's not the best if you wear a lot of eye make up or stubborn waterproof mascaras.

Clinique All About Eyes sample
I've been really impressed with the two All About Eyes samples I've tried. I was using the rich version at night and this during the day but since I used up the rich I was using this both day and night. I think if I do repurchase I'll probably go for the rich formula as I've already found a cheaper daytime eye cream that I like and I think I need the thicker formula at night.

Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser sample
Don't get this in your eyes! It stings so badly. Other than that, this is a pretty nice cleanser which left my skin feeling squeaky clean. I used this every other day to remove my make up.

SKII Skin Signature sample
I got this in the Harrods Glossybox and I have to say it's one the best products I've received in those boxes. It left my skin feeling nicely hydrated without any greasiness. This stuff is way out of my price range right now, sadly!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturiser sample
I used this as a night cream and it's nice for that. It is very thick though.

Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion sample
This toner is so strange - it feels like something between a gel and a liquid. I just used it because I'm out of toner but I don't think I'll be buying the full size any time soon.

Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion sample
I used this on days when I was feeling a bit oily and it was okay in my t-zone but not moisturising enough on the rest of my face. If you have oily skin this could be a nice daytime moisturiser in the summer.

Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum sample
This was another Glossybox sample and it's just okay. I've used the moisturiser from this range and loved it so I was a bit disappointed that I didn't like this. It just made my skin produce too much oil so I could only use it at night. It's very runny so I think I ended up wasting quite a bit of it. The tube was only about 20% full anyway!

Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Scrub
This was a repurchase for me - it's a great scrub and I like that it's foaming as it meant I used a lot less.

Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub
This is my favourite scrub - it leaves my skin feeling and looking so much better than any other scrub ever has. I've got another tube waiting in the wings!

Superdrug Dry Shampoo
My favourite dry shampoo is from Tresemme but I only buy it when it's on offer because I go through it so quickly. This was a stand in product but it worked pretty well and I will probably buy it again if I needed to. It's much nicer than Batiste which leaves my hair looking white and feeling clumpy.

Ayuuri Natural Coconut Body Wash
This was in the last Glossybox I received and it's okay - it's very moisturising which I appreciate. I wasn't a big fan of the coconut scent, though.

The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel
This stuff is a no-brainer - I love the scent!

Nip & Fab Dry Leg Fix
I bought this from Buyapowa a long time ago and wasn't overly impressed. It's just alright and I probably won't repurchase it.

I'm sorry this post is so long, I just don't like mentioning products without forcing my opinion on you! If you want any more information on the products please let me know and I'll link you to a review if I've done one or just let you know more of what I thought in the comments.

Stace xx


  1. WOW, you've finished a lot of products this month! Good on you. :) Loreal seems to be one of the more expensive brands in the drugstore - I've kept away because nothing from them has enticed me yet! I've heard that Seche Vite can get gloopy over time, what a pity! xx

    1. I've started to like a few L'Oreal products recently - I'd not really looked at their products that much before now. Seche Vite is great - I've had that bottle since Christmas and paint my nails several times a week so even though it goes gloopy I still think it's worth it :) xx

  2. Wow you went through so many products this month! I always flit from product to product.

    1. I often do that with make up but I tend to stick to the same skincare/bodycare products until they're gone.xx

  3. You managed to use up a lot of products this month!! :) I am working my way towards an empties post, not got much yet so want to wait til I have a little more to show for it xo

    1. I know - I didn't think I'd get through a lot considering I was on holiday for a week out of the month!xx

  4. wow, you really did manage to get through a lot! I keep a bag on the back of my door too so that i can keep hold of my empties for posts!
    Great post :)
    Natalie xx

    1. Thank you :) it's been a revelation having the bag on the door lol before I would keep things for a couple of weeks and then be desperate to chuck everything!xx

  5. You really did go through a lot! Writing my post up now but don't have as many empties as you ;) x

    1. As I said, a lot of the things were products I'd already used at least some of and there are lots of samples in there too! I'll have to check out your post once it's up :) xx

  6. Wow, you had loads of empties! Ahh, I wish we had Bath and Body Works here too, I love that place!

    Chelle x

    1. I've never been to the States so I've not been to a store...I think I'd need an extra suitcase to bring everything home!xx

  7. That is a serious amount of empties :D x

    1. Haha! I know - I was surprised myself. Do you keep track of yours? Since I started putting everything in a bag when I used it up I've noticed just how much I get through every month!xx

  8. That is a great lot of empties!:) I love the Garnier Body Tonic scrub as well, it's such a lovely scrub.

    1. It's awesome! Have you tried the body lotion that goes with it?xx

  9. check out my latest blogpost, my may empties post!
    thanks a lot xx