Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads - Beware!

Warning: this post may be a *little* bit of a rant.

I took five or six mini Essie polishes on holiday. Some people might think that was excessive but I typically paint my nails every couple of days (sometimes every day!) and I knew I'd have to re-do my pedicure because walking around in flip flops usually results in a lot of chipping. I ended up only changing my polish once during the whole week and the main reason for that was that I brought these remover pads rather than my usual remover and cotton pads.

Now, I've used other remover pads before and every time I do I curse myself for buying them but these are the worst I've ever tried. I realise that they're acetone free so they're not as effective as my usual remover but normally I only use one cotton pad soaked in remover to take the polish off all ten nails. When I used these I had to use five just for my fingers! 

The worst thing about these pads is the awful residue they leave behind. I expected to feel a bit like I'd used a cuticle butter or hand cream on my nail area but no, there was just loads of horrible smelly liquid all over my fingers. Yuck! I had to wash my hands three or four times to get it off and even after that I could still smell it. I didn't notice any particular 'conditioning' benefits but I guess that's because I washed it all away!

So basically this post is a warning; buy these with caution! They are priced at £1.50 for 15 pads which I think is pretty pricey but I wouldn't have minded if they'd worked nicely.

Have you tried these?

Stace xx


  1. I never get on with nail polish remover pads either, I always forget about them and they dry up or they just don't do the job properly!


  2. I've used these too and I wasn't impressed either, the Quickies pads aren't too bad. I prefer to just use cotton pads and nail polish remover though, it works better and it's better value for me. x

  3. I like the Superdrug ones but they sound quite similar they leave quite and oily residue too but they do get your polish off