Thursday, 14 June 2012

Holiday Preparation: My Favourite Body Products

Any of my regular readers will know I went on holiday at the end of May. I had planned on doing a post like this before going away but just didn't get around to it but I thought it'd still be useful since most people probably haven't gone on a summer holiday yet!

I use quite a lot of body care products on a regular basis anyway but before going away I try to incorporate a number of products which leave my skin looking smooth, even and perhaps a little more firm.

I seem to be a big fan of Garnier at the moment! It's not a brand I've ever really paid much attention to but the Body Tonic Sugar Scrub was recommended by Kelly so I picked it up and the corresponding body lotion. I loved the scrub instantly; it exfoliates nicely and smells great. I think this is my fourth tube! The one pictured is actually a new one since I used up the previous one before I went away. 

The body lotion is marketed as a firming lotion and I have to say, I think it works pretty well. It's not as effective as another product I'll get to in a minute but when I use it every day over a period of time there is a noticeable difference (well, my boyfriend notices without me telling him I've been using it!) 

The other Garnier product I'd been using was the Intensive 7 Day body lotion in Honey which is targeted at those with sensitive skin. I've tried a few other scents in this range and I think Honey is my favourite; it's not very overpowering. The product itself is quite lightweight and sinks in quickly yet leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It's a huge departure from my favourite Body Shop body butters but I really rate these lotions.

I used a couple of other firming creams which I only use occasionally. The Sit Tight cream from Soap & Glory is excellent, it really works on any bumpy areas on the thighs. It feels incredibly tingly and warm so be aware of that before trying it! I used this for a week before going away. I used a Nip+Fab Tummy Fix gel on my tummy area too but I don't think it was as effective although I guess the texture of the skin there is very different. It also tingles but not as much at the Sit Tight. If you're wanting something that's a great quick fix, go for the Sit Tight.

Now we get to my favourite topic, feet. I'm kidding, I hate feet. I don't like my own feet, I don't like other peoples' feet...eugh! I use a foot file after I shower and always use cotton socks after applying a foot cream but I've really struggled to find a foot cream that works well. Until I found this little gem from The Body Shop. It's the Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter and it was recommended by Estee. It seems expensive for a little tub of foot cream but if you've struggled to find anything that works I'd definitely tell you to give this a go. I've used it a lot already and still have about 2/3s left. 

So those are the products I used, I hope that was helpful!

Stace xx


  1. i love the garnier scrub!xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know, they can do no wrong with me right now!xx

  3. I don't have any of these myself so this was quite interesting to read, thanks for sharing! :) xo

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