Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dolce & Gabbana The One: A Signature Scent?

This fragrance could not be more aptly named. It's definitely 'The One' for me and has been for about four years now. I don't post about perfumes a lot partly because I'm rubbish at describing them and partly because I don't try many new ones. This bottle was a gift from a lovely friend and is my fourth, but almost certainly not my last. 

You already know this is going to be a sappy post about a perfume, don't you? 

Well, it all started after Christmas four years ago. I was flying back to Glasgow and picked up a bottle of The One at the airport because I kind of liked the scent. I don't typically buy expensive perfumes for myself; I tend to ask for them as Christmas/birthday gifts, so it was an impulse buy. An excellent impulse buy. 

According to D&G: 'The fragrance features top notes of mandarin and peach that leads into a heart of jasmine and ends with a base of vanilla, amber and musk. The One for Her is a warm, oriental floral with modern sensuality. It's a fragrance with a strong personality and a contrasting golden sweetness. Created for the ultimate diva, The One is at once tempting, modern and glamorous, embracing a touch of classicism.'

To me it just smells good. I associate the scent with so many happy memories; it never fails to make me smile. 

The One EDP retails for between £38 and £63.

Do you have a signature scent you just can't be without? Tell me about it!

Stace xx


  1. I used to use black xs all the time, but these days i tend to wear different perfumes depending on my mood. I think i have still yet to find 'the one'. The description for this one sounds like it smells gorgeous. x

  2. I absolutely love 'The One' collection, although I wear L'eau The One. But it has now been pulled from the high street :( but online is my friend!!! I use to wear D&G Feminine a lot until that was discontinued. But I tend to wear this, or wear Chanel Coco Mademoseille :)

  3. I haven't tried this yet but my signature scent is D&G Light Blue. I absolutely adore the beautiful citrus scent and because I've worn it for years it always evokes good memories :) xx

  4. No, not really. I mean, I have several favorites, that I've been using for years, but not just one that I love more than the others. You really made me want to try this one now though :)

  5. Ive never smelt this, this will sound ridiculous especially as im a 26yr old mum but the bottle looks too grown up and ive totally judged the book by its cover x