Friday, 14 December 2012

Worth The Hype? BeneFit They're Real Mascara

I reviewed BeneFit's They're Real many moons ago when I tried it out for the first time but the photos are hideous and given that I'm about to purchase my fourth tube of this mascara, I figured it was worth revisiting.

 They're Real received a huge amount of attention when it launched and that always makes me incredibly skeptical; surely it couldn't be as good as everyone was claiming, right? Any concerns I had regarding this product vanished after the first few times I used it and for the last year every other mascara I've tried has failed to live up to the standard set by They're Real. 

So why is it so good?

Have you ever tried a mascara and loved the brush only to find the formula was a bit rubbish or vice versa? I find that quite often; They're Real is one of the few exceptions for me. The brush has lots of plastic bristles which coat individual lashes with just the right amount of product. It also has a little spiked ball on the end of the wand which is great for reaching smaller lashes or adding extra product to the outer lashes. The formula is great; it doesn't run or smudge on me at all which is almost a miracle! It also holds a curl amazingly well.


The main gripes people seem to have with They're Real is that it looks too full on or a bit clumpy and that it can be difficult to remove. To prevent spider-lashes I avoid applying more than two coats and when the mascara is brand new I might use a spoolie to eradicate any clumps. As for removing this mascara I find that Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser works best.

After one coat

Is BeneFit They're Real worth the hype?
Undeniably, YES! If you want a mascara to give you longer, thicker lashes I implore you to give They're Real a go if you haven't already. 

Debenhams are currently selling They're Real for £16.65. It's normally £18.50 from any BeneFit stockist.

Stace xx


  1. I cannot stand They're Real :( everyone raves about it but its so difficult to remove! Glad to hear you've found a mascara you get on with though, god knows its difficult to find one haha! xxx

  2. I absolutely love this and find it removes easily with cleanse and polish or johnsons face wipes and gives me the most unbelievable lashes EVER, i can't wait to repurchase this!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I definitely agree this is the best mascara I have ever used and repurchase again and again!

  4. Its so hard to find a mascara that holds curls, great post!! I have long heavy straight eyelashes and its so hard to find a curing mascara!! xx

  5. Looks like a great mascara! I wish they came out with a waterproof version

  6. Im scared to try it, the skin around my eyes is really sensitive to the extent that if I cry you can tell for a week by the burn marks the tears made and the thought of scrubbing this off is enough to make my eyes water. Im totally in love with The Falsies at the moment.

  7. woowowwwwwwwww!!!!!that does work :)) :D...nice review...following you...kisses