Friday, 10 August 2012

Garnier Body Tonic Firming Lotion

When I looked through my previous blog posts and didn't find one dedicated to this product, I was surprised! I've been using the Garnier Body Tonic Firming Hydrating Lotion for about six months ago and it's a product I've already repurchased three times. 

I first came across this body lotion when picking up the corresponding body scrub (which is also a firm favourite of mine). As a general body lotion, it's not the most hydrating on the market but I tend to use it on areas of my body which don't need a lot of hydration anyway. It's a light lotion which smells a bit like lemons that sinks into the skin quickly. 

The selling point of this lotion is it's promise to make the skin appear smoother and I have to admit, I was skeptical. However, after using this product daily for a few weeks there was a definite improvement in the texture of the skin; it looked considerably smoother. It doesn't give results as drastic as a product like Sit Tight from Soap and Glory but it's also about a third of the price twice as much product. The biggest drawback is that you do have to commit to using it daily in order to see results, in my experience. 

For some reason I can't find it on the Boots or Superdrug websites but I can assure you that they do sell it! It's usually on offer for around £4-5.which I think is a very reasonable price. I featured this product in a post about holiday preparations so if you're still waiting to jet off somewhere sunny, I'd recommend trying this if you're a bit self conscious of your wobbly bits!

Stace xx


  1. I've got this and totally agree with what you've said! I really like using it but haven't had huge effects but I do notice a slight difference xx

    1. I think the effects are more noticeable if you have more lumps and bumps - maybe you don't really need a firming cream! Lucky you :) xx